We all deserve a break and take a vacation, but not every budget can afford to. If you are ready for some fun in the sun this summer and curious how to make it happen within your budget, here are some money-saving tips on traveling and vacationing.

1. Travel in the Slow Season
Beat the crowds by traveling to places that aren’t as popular in summer months. You beat the crowd, score big discounts on airfare, and save money on hotels by going somewhere less popular.

2. When to Find Cheap Flights
If you are traveling somewhere and planning to fly, there are some ways to save on booking flights. To get the best deal on airfare, plan to book those flights one to three months ahead of time. Consider being flexible on when you plan to travel as well. Early morning flights can save you money even if they’re not at an ideal time. Non-stop flights are easier but may not be the cheapest option.

3. Save Money on Food
The number one way to cut down on daily traveling expenses is to plan out your meals ahead of time. Before heading to the place you’re staying, stock up on food and drinks at the nearest grocery store and carry extra snacks with you to avoid those impulse purchases. If you are headed out on a road trip, take a cooler with you filled with food to cut down on spending money at expensive restaurants.

4. Make Your Vacation a Staycation
Vacationing doesn’t mean you have to go travel somewhere. Give yourself a break by taking time off and spending time at home relaxing in the backyard. It’s the most affordable option and helps you save money while having fun with local amenities.

Tips to Help You Save Money

Does your savings feel like miles away from being ready for vacation? Make your travels a priority by saving money all year long. City Credit Union can help make it easier by!

1. Open a savings account that is dedicated to saving money for your vacation.
CCU How-to: open your account and name it something recognizable like, vacation funds. This way, you know money going into that account is only for your planned trip.

2. Set up automatic transfers from your checking account into your savings.
CCU How-to: choose from different frequencies such as weekly, biweekly, bimonthly, and more.

CCU How-to: save up a little at a time whenever you spend money using your CCU debit card.