Dear Members,

We offer many services and programs to better serve the needs of our membership and give back to our community. One service is the use of debit cards.  We use these cards for convenience and the sense of security that comes with knowing our funds and transactions are guaranteed by
the credit union.  What you may not realize is that these cards come with a transaction cost.

When you use your debit card, a small fee-known as an interchange fee is incorporated into the transaction.  Interchange is what credit unions, other financial institutions, card networks, and payment processors use to guarantee full payments and recover expenses, such as fraud and theft: fraud monitoring; issuing and reissuing cards; and administrative costs.

When a data breach or unauthorized use of a card occurs, City Credit Union often bears much of the cost as we take action to limit our members’ risk.
These costs include:

  • Paying back fraudulent charges
  • Reissuing new cards

Rarely are these costs assumed by the bad actors committing the fraud, or the retailer where the fraud occurred.As the cost of these data breaches rise, it’s more important than ever for City Credit Union to collect interchange fees.

New legislation puts YOU, our members, at risk

Right now, in Washington, lawmakers are discussing legislation that would allow retailers to pick and choose which network they use for credit card transactions. This saves retailers’ nickels and dimes, while costing financial institutions and the consumers who rely on them millions.

Allowing retailers to choose the network based on nothing more than cost creates a race to the bottom; not only would City Credit Union lose interchange revenues needed to keep our members financially secure, but the processors are likely to skimp on important services like network security as a result.TAKE ACTION NOW to share your voice with legislators.

The current system works!  Consumers have a safe, reliable credit payment system.  Merchants are made whole at time of sale.

This bill is nothing more than a windfall for the nation’s largest merchants at the expense of our members.
Changing the current system would mean our debit cards might not work, with charges declined at some retailers or in some locations while traveling.
Merchants are looking for the lowest cost option, not the most secure.

We need to leave the routing decisions in the hands of those who bear the liability and consequences.


At City Credit Union, we value civic engagement.  I hope you’ll consider lending your voice to this important effort.  Please visit  this link to learn more about the problem and send an e-mail to your U.S. Representative and U.S. Senators.  Tell them you want them to protect YOU, our valued Members!

Thank you for your time.

Your friends at City Credit Union.
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