If you are new to saving money, the first step to start saving is finding a place to keep your money that you can continue adding to. Even if you aren’t working, having a savings account can help you become financially independent and have money to reach your goals and also in case of an emergency. Here are three reasons why you need to open a savings account.


  1. Easy Access

Are you in need of a place where you can access your money easily? A savings account can help you with this. You can withdraw money at any time, especially with City Credit Union’s free ATM card that you get when signing up for a savings account. When you start putting money into a savings account, you earn quarterly interest that will help you make the most of your money.


  1. Help with Unplanned Expenses

Did a recent storm cause damage to the outside of your home? Maybe you got in a car accident recently and need some extra money to help pay for expenses. When unplanned events happen, like an accident, refrigerator dying, or an unexpected sickness, you need money to help pay for those bills. Having emergency funds will make those stressful unplanned moments feel a lot easier knowing you have money set aside. If you are ready to start building your emergency fund and opening a savings account, visit City Credit Union to get started today.


  1. Have Money for the Things You’ve Always Wanted

Do you dream about owning a sports car or having a week on the beach at a destination location? The first step in achieving these dreams is by opening a savings account. One of the most important things to make this happen though is by putting money away each month and build up your savings over time. As you continue to deposit money into your savings account, make sure to leave the money in there and not touch it until you are ready to spend it on your goal.

Ready to open up your savings account and start saving money with ease? Contact City Credit Union at 816-252-2415 or stop by our branch to open your account today.